Who are

Jack and Ada?


I got lucky. Although my Mum & Dad had very little financially, they were always there for me and my seven siblings. They had a dignity which helped us all cope somehow, through the toughest of times.

Jack & Ada are no longer with us, but their indomitable spirit and dignity in the face of financial adversity most certainly is. Which is why we have started in their honour, Tons of Help from Jack and Ada.

Trevor Beattie

Christmas has always brought challenges for families already struggling to stay afloat.

But the overnight loss of the £20 Universal Credit Uplift now threatens to send many of them under.

So we thought we’d offer a bit of a lifeline.

We call it Tons of Christmas Help.
From Jack and Ada.

£100 cash Crisis Grants for individuals. To help with essential needs. And soften the blow of losing that Uplift. A little comfort and joy in the form of a Ton in the hand. Wouldn’t that make Christmas grand?

Tons of Christmas Help

From Santa's tons of little Christmas helpers.

Our Foundation is committed to funding this programme. We will hand out as many Christmas Tons to as many people as possible. And if you would like to donate a hundred pounds of your own, we will direct your Christmas Ton to an individual case, and update you on how your generosity has helped make their Christmas.

And Jack and Ada will put in a good word for you Up There.

A ton of Christmas help for those who need it most…
But what about the small print? 

 There isn't any